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Blue Iris is a private tattoo studio boutique located in beautiful Merrimack, New Hampshire. Located off the Everett Turnpike on Daniel Webster Highway, Blue Iris is conveniently nestled between Nashua and Manchester.

When Paul Teves, owner and artist, originally conceived the idea for a private studio he had decided that the element of a "boutique" would be unlike anything else in this area. The idea was to create a unique environment that encouraged the client's mind and eye to merge with the artist's mind and eye to create an entirely custom piece.

Your time here at Blue Iris is scheduled in advance with design consultations highly encouraged. As an appointment-only business, the artists are able to spend ample time meticulously crafting your ideas and bringing them to life with their art. It is this notion that enables quality craftsmanship in an environment that allows artists to work without time constraints and third party pressures. We believe this is the greatest asset to our clientele, because every time you walk in the door, you know your wants and needs are of utmost importance.

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PAUL TEVES, Owner & artist

Paul Teves, the owner and artist of Blue Iris Tattoo has been tattooing for over twenty years and is enthusiastic in bringing his skills and expertise to New Hampshire. As a thriving Boston, Massachusetts artist Paul was eager to take on a new challenge by creating a private tattoo boutique in early 2017. In his successful career Paul has worked in many shops including The Shining Star and Drastic Tattoo in Peabody, The Evil Wind in Beverly, as well as the House of Pain in Everett. Most notably, Paul worked alongside Tony Plant whom passed in 2008.

Finding inspiration in many different artists and styles from around the world, Paul strives to be versatile in his work. He enjoys many different styles of tattooing and thrives on anything that allows him to be creative and have fun along the way. His most notable and recognized style of tattooing would be his black and grey pieces, which is what he enjoys tattooing most. 


Megg, Tattoo artist & body modification specialist

Megg refers to herself as a Body Modification Specialist; she is that and much more.  She brings over 25 years of tattooing, body piercing, dermals and cosmetic tattooing to Blue Iris.  Adding to and complimenting the existing talent in our studio.  Both of Megg's parents were artists themselves, she was practically born loving all types of art.  Her artwork compliments her talent as an artist in the tattooing and piercing industry as it grows ever so rapidly.  She draws custom works of art for tattooing as well as just to keep busy.  If she is not drawing she is making jewelry.  Also her skills are not limited to paper, she does custom glass etching, wood burning and metal work as well just to keep busy.

She began her career with an apprenticeship in NH with her mentor, tattoo artist and master body piercer Pete Marando.  From NH she worked at Side Street Body Piercing and Tattoo for Pete when he moved to Massachusetts in 1999.  Where it was once again legal to tattoo in MA after being banished for 38 years.  Megg also work at a small tattoo shop called Phat Cat Tattoo & Piercing owned by Elaine Maternowski.  This tiny shop was an all girl tattoo shop, where she worked side by side with Elaine, a wonderful artist, until Elaine fell ill. 

Megg then began a journey to Mongos in Somerville, MA.  There she met Paul Teves the now owner of Blue Iris Tattoo & Piercing studio.  She and Paul became friends and throughout the years both Paul and she worked together in other shops.  She worked several years in Malden, MA for Primal Instinct.  Megg has done a few guest spots in Las Vegas, NV as well as in SC, GA, FL and Maine.  Now her journey has brought her home with good friend Paul at Blue Iris here in Merrimack, NH. 

Megg has always told her apprentices, "Always stay and be humble, not only in yourself but in your craft.  This is a gift, not a right."